Could the M Mount have ruined Ricoh's desire to make new modules?

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Re: Could the M Mount have ruined Ricoh's desire to make new modules?

Midwest wrote:

If Ricoh could put an AM mount together that works with an existing line of lenses, they'd have quite something there. Then as I've suggested before, just superglue that module to the GXR body and pretend it's a regular mirrorless camera.

That would best be done as a consortium with Leica because they could get burned if Leica come out with their own proprietry AF system for the M mount which would leave Ricoh's version high and dry just like Pentax did to them with the K-AF.

The other consortium option is a return to the old 2010 rumours of them simply joining the m4/3 consortium.

The third option is a proprietry Pentax Ricoh ILC system, maybe even based on the much-rumoured second ILC which never eventuated after the Q and merging it with the GXR so they wouldn't have to start completely from scratch.

Whatever option they choose, I'm starting to feel it's inevitable they will follow Fuji's course of adapting the X100 into a full ILC by doing the same with the GXR.  Not least that they seem to be abandoning the whole K-01 K-mount mirrorless notion altogether which leaves them wanting an ILC system. Added to this they are quoted as saying they have put the most obvious options of the Q and the K mounts as GXR modules on the backburner because they have better options to develop. Such as?

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