DAM software replacement for IDImager

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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

malch wrote:

fuego6 wrote:

Sure - the software will not decay on your machine...

Software tends not to decay. However, databases are a different matter and the risk of decay is significantly greater.

I would be quite uncomfortable relying upon a DAM system (or any other database centric application) for which support has been withdrawn.

It's true that the OP doesn't have to replace idImager tomorrow morning (but I suspect he already knows that). However, it's very prudent to start thinking about migration plans and it's certainly a an appropriate time to be asking questions in a forum such as this.

Well.. I'm pretty sure if you don't have plans to use new cameras and can live with the bugs and software as it currently stands, then most users would be able to successfully use Idi for many years to come.

I'm in the your camp though on being prudent abuot moving around ,etc... and agree it is good to know what is out there.

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