Could the M Mount have ruined Ricoh's desire to make new modules?

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Re: Could the M Mount have ruined Ricoh's desire to make new modules?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

My guess is that Ricoh always had intended to make a M mount module.  The P10 and S10 were relatively easy as being adaptions of existing lenses.  The A12 50mm macro was a new initiative and did very well by all accounts.  Last time I looked the A12 50mm module was still holding it's price well.  The A12 28 (?)mm module was a reprise of the GRD lens suitably re-adjusted, and the A16 aps-c zoom?  Well every company worth it's salt has a utility zoom module.  Where to next?  We have almost as many suggestions as we have those that post on the forum.  Well thrashed out now.

Yep, their revised unit roadmap was released in Sept 2010 not even 10 months after the GXR was announced in 2009 (with the A12 50mm and the S10), showing the Mount A12 as part of their original plans as the first 'expansion unit'. The P10 had just been released and the A12 28mm was the next one due off the rank. To be followed by the Mount A12 and the A16 Zoom as the two-units-per-year the following year.

At the end of November 2011 they revised it to reflect the expected flood delay for the Zoom. So they actually completed their roadmap exactly (excepting that flood delay) as they laid it out two years ago.

So based on the original launch and subsequent roadmaps being Nov 2009, Sept 2010 and Nov 2011, we're due the 2012 unit roadmap for 2013 releases around now anyway.

Probably at the same time for the two-per-year 2012 units to be released. Or maybe even keep it for CES in January...

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