How to stitch a large number of panoramic groups of photos automatically?

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Re: What do you want to do with your panoramas?

I want to report back with my first experience of using Lumix DMC-ZS20.

I received it on Oct. 4.  After familiarizing myself with the camera, I used it extensively on Oct. 6.  Here are the photos:

Jeff Keller’s review helped me make up my mind to choose ZS20.  My one-day use supports his comprehensive  review:

The panorama function, which is the primary reason for me to upgrade to this camera, works well.  It may fail occasionally for understandable reasons which include moving objects, drastic variation of brightness from one part to another part of the panoramic scene.

The GPS is the second reason for me to choose ZS20. It works well too.  It takes a few minutes for it to acquire satellite signals. This is probably normal.   However, I think that smartphones seem to be quicker in positioning, so there may be room for GPS function improvement.  Because of this, I had to keep GPS on all the time hence draining the battery.

The Optical Image Stabilizer works very well.  I get clear images even with high zoom.

I love the sunset mode.    I used it for sunrise.  It was my first time to get decent sunrise pictures with a P&S camera.

The battery ran out after about 210 photos in 6 hours.  I certainly need a backup battery or portable battery charger because I tend to have long trips.

I am amazed by what one can get from a compact camera like this nowadays.


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