Zeiss 50 on 5D III?

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Re: Zeiss 50 on 5D III?

pso wrote:

MirekE wrote:

pso wrote:  I am leaning towards staying away from the Zeiss.

That woud be a shame, the lenses are really great.

Yeah I definitely know the quality is superb...I have been a little frustrated with the AF from my Canon 50 f/1.4 lately even on the 5DIII so was considering going manual.

Thanks for answering my post and also past posts I have had when I questioned about the Zeiss lenses.

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My pleasure. I had the EF 50/1.4 for very long time and I liked it very much. I never had any issues with AF (on 5D2 and older cameras), but I did not like the look of out of focus highlights and close focusing capability and eventually replaced it with Zeiss 50/2 MP. I had both lenses side by side for a while and the Canon did not look all that bad even in direct comparison side by side.

When I wanted replacement for the EF 50, I looked at 50/1.2, Zeiss 50/2 and 50/1.4 and Sigma 50/1.4.  The Zeiss was closest to my idea of a good lens. And I did not mind manual focusing as I do not shoot fast moving subjects - at least not with this focal length. I think all these lenses are interesting in one way or another and all have some limitations: ZE 50/2 is slow, ZE 50/1.4 is not very sharp on close distances and has weird bokeh under some circumstances, Sigma does not have good reputation with regards to consistency of AF and Canon suffers from focus shift (even though some photographers say it is not an issue).

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