Thumbs up / Thumbs down already being abused

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Re: Thumbs up / Thumbs down already being abused

Simon Joinson wrote:

trueview wrote:

On another thread, one of my post got a -1. It was a somewhat technical, uncontroversial post, the kind that will trigger neither positive nor negative reaction, so I was a bit surprised. I clicked on the thumbs down icon to see if I could get any info on the who and why of this rating... And I inflicted another negative rating to my own post !

Which leads me to conclude that 1. you can accidentally rate a post with no way to cancel your action, and 2. posters can vote for their own posts. So unless I missed something, I would say that such an implementation makes the system useless.

it's a toggle - click once to add a vote, again to remove it.

Thanks ! I should have tried that, but I was worried I might add a vote instead !

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