Nikon D600 Grip MB-d14

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Re: D600 Night Shooting

Tee1up wrote:

I agree with the other poster here. Get a couple spare batteries and keep them in your pocket. The colder it is, the more important this becomes. Get a few nights practice in before leaving. You would hate to make a trip like that and find out you forgot something obvious.

You may also want to consider getting one of those headband LED lights to make fiddling with your camera easier. I found one that uses a red light or white, red being helpful to keep you from loosing your night vision.

Thanks guys. I think I'm decided then, I'll get two more spares which will give me 5 batteries in total for the 2 cameras.

I have one of those headband torches, not with a red LED though, that would be handy. I do a lot of night photography though so I'm getting used to using the cameras blind every few days.

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