Nikon D600 Grip MB-d14

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Re: Nikon D600 Grip MB-d14

Forget all nominal temperature range battery life specs. Do not bother with a battery in the grip because you will just end up with two dead batteries after a couple hours.

I shoot when it is cold and even the power miser D7000 can exhaust a battery in 30 minutes when really cold. There are two fixes, one is get several batteries for each body and keep the batteries next to your skin until use. As they drop in core temperature when inside the camera, you can almost see the charge indicator drop. Swapping batteries with mittens on is not easy, using regular gloves that add dexterity, will not keep hands warm enough to keep blood flowing. Mittens are  better for keeping hands warm enough to flex and be usable as hands/fingers. Most Nikons have a external battery jack that can be used to power the camera and charge the internal battery. Make a battery pack that fits inside your clothes and a flexibly wire(not vinyl which gets very stiff in cold) cable from the battery pack and us that as the camera power. Another option is to use a camera shield or underwater case and install heaters in it. This time lapse project will require some creative solutions. For normal single shot photography, the battery will last as long as you yourself want to be out in it.

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