I am very interested by the SX50 HS BUT THIS REVIEW STOP ME !

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Re: I am very interested by the SX50 HS BUT THIS REVIEW STOP ME !

Lin Evans wrote:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the SX30 IS was a "CCD" sensor and starting with the SX40, the change was made to CMOS sensors.

CCD sensors work much better for long exposures - to my knowledge, all professional level sensors for astro-photography are CCD sensors and some of them are super-cooled.

But look around at all the other same sized CMOS sensors camera out there!

Even Canon's own SX240HS & SX260HS, which has the identical BSI-CMOS 12.1MP sensors + Digic 5 as SX50, do not have such restricitons.  And no other brands which use CMOS sensors have similar restrictions.  You can check all the other samples for CMOS sensors and see if you can find this "horrendous noise".

Remember that we are not trying to use ISO 3200 or 6400...   We can't even use ISO 100, 200 or 400!

Perhaps Canon knows best about what is and what is not possible with their sensors?

I am astounded by this "Canon knows best" attitude.


Canon knows best how to protect their market segments and protect their profit margin - but not necessary to the benefit of their users.   But with loyal users like you, Canon has no worries.

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