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suggestions ...

Scott Everett wrote:

We're working on additional image options. coming soon.

New preferences:

Embed image on paste of URL: embeds image immediately upon paste, same as using left most button and pasting URL and selecting button to go live; this replaces pasting or typing "URL"

Make link live when link button pressed for selected URL: when a URL is pasted, if this preference is checked, make it live as if the button was pressed, the URL was pasted in both fields, and the commit button was clicked; this replaces pasting or typing "URL;"

And if the user leaves these unchecked:

  • Pasting a URL does nothing (yet)
  • Click on "link" button, and the link dialog is opened with both fields loaded (because it is a URL)
  • Click on "from web" button and URL is converted immediately to the embedded image
  • Bonus points for not requiring a selection, just put cursor anywhere in a URL
  • Extra bonus points for recognizing a perfect URL selection and making the link live imediately, this option allows editing of the URL before making it live
  • Even more points for making a live link non live when it is selected while the link button is pushed 
  • Extra points for making emoticons work again
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