What "IF" no D300 replacement? What next?

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Re: Why not just buy D600 and use it in DX-mode :-)

powerbook wrote:

If no D400 comes and we want the better IQ and features from a PRO DX, why not just buy D600 and use it in DX-mode, if we have all these DX-lenses in our bag?

The D600 in DX mode is not even close to what a D400 would be and is also probably more expensive.  At the very least the D600 in DX mode is missing:

  • Only 10MP in DX mode (expect a D400 to be 18-24MP)
  • Only 5.5fps vs. 8fps for D300 w/grip
  • Small viewfinder in DX mode
  • Missing ergonomics of a dedicated AF-ON button
  • 39pt AF - probably not as good as the 51pt AF in the D800/D4 which is probably what would be in the D400

So, if you're looking for a great DX action camera, the D600 is arguably, not even as good as the D300 at several things that are important for action photography, much less as good as a D400 will be.

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