D800 autofocus won't engage

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Re: D800 autofocus won't engage

jwalker019 wrote:

Likely explanation is you're accidentally slightly depressing the lens release button because of the way you're holding the camera.  Very easy to do when you have a new camera:  I found it happened almost 100% of the time when I held my new D3 vertically.  Turns out I was readjusting my grip when I went from horizontal to vertical and the palm of my hand was lightly resting on the lens release button.  Same symptom.

Once I corrected my grip, the "problem" went away and never returned

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Sorry, JW that's not my finding.  You see because when I use the 70-200 on the d800 I am using the tripod foot as the support point.  I would have to be a new species (one with three hands) for your explanation.  Not so say some people aren't hitting the release button,  just not me...

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