Is it still worth it ... Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 ?

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Re: Is it still worth it ... Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 ?

Anthony123 wrote:

Jay A wrote:

I've rented a 14-24 and 16-35 and have been playing with them and comparing them to my 20 f2.8 for the past 2 days (also started another thread about these lenses).

So far here is my take;

At 20mm which is the most important focal length for me, I see very little difference if any between the two zooms when stopped down to F5.6 or F8. The 20mm prime also seems to be their equal when looking at center frame, but at the edges, it does not hold up as well to either of the zooms. The 20 has a lot of chromatic aberration at the edges and its focus suffers a bit as well.

I have also tested extensively at 16mm where I find the 14-24 having a slight edge over the 16-35 in sharpness, but also a much bigger advantage in controlling distortion...although the 16-35 can be easily corrected in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Other advantages of the 16-35 are its size, its VR and the fact that you can use commonly found filters with it.

I have not really done any testing of the lenses wide open yet.

I am far from done with my tests, but so far I am leaning towards the conclusion that the 14-24 is not worth the extra $1000 over the 16-35. Yes the 14-24 does a slightly better job at 16mm but I don't have as much need for that focal length and don't really find the advantage to be a major factor.

I had both of these lenses and recently sold the 16-35, the price difference here in UK is not $1k and the distortion on the 16-35 was extremely annoying, I don't go with PS lens correction idea because you alter one aspect of the shot but that distorts the rest of the shot also the 14-24 is superior, I have just purchased the Lee filter system and could not be more pleased.

The lee filters sw150 looks abit expensive in comparison... but it's tempting and the only solution for 14-24. the only thing i wish they had is the big stopper, which would complete it which means i can possibly sell my 100mm filter set [fit for 77mm ring lenses] , but again the price is going to be steeper for that single filter :s

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