Is it still worth it ... Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 ?

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Re: Is it still worth it ... Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 ?

cardiacpatch wrote:

I have the opportunity to purchase a MINT and lightly used Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 at a price of $1250 ... (I could still negotiate for less, though NOT much more).

The only issue: this lens has no warranty left since it was purchased in 2009 by the ORIGINAL owner.

Would appreciate any thoughts (or things to 'watch' for) you may have since I will be bringing my D700 + laptop to the shop tomorrow to try this lens.

Thanks in advance.

Really worth the price 1250$... Mine brand new + grey market was 1900aud which was considered cheap at that time.
Found this copy to be Crazy sharp even on FX with my D700. Sure there is distortion at 14mm (expected since you're getting this crazy wide view), but with Lightroom 4 its easily correctable by ticking the distortion correction box.

I personally feel the sharpness (to me i don't need super crisp sharp but decent enough for print 18x12) is excellent throughout the frame. Not even my 24-70 can get this sharp at the wide end at all, this 14-24 blows it away. The only thing I'm not liking is that you need expensive filters and Lee makes one but it's retailing online from UK @ 600$ for the single set. Flare was also a key point which could ruin a few shots due to the rounded element causing me to reposition myself so i cant see it but that's to be expected from this lens. That's when I tune back to my 24-70 in some cases if i can't clone over the flare.

Even if you're not happy with the lens it you still can sell it for 50-100$ less & not lose out too much [ so long it isnt damaged or anyway ] . This lens is highly sought especially in Australia since the actual RRP is 2300aud for the widest 14mm zoom -.-ll

Good luck on deciding, Personally I'd go for it if you can't live without filters [nd/grad] and are able to deal with the flare in certain situations and are are of its minor limitations. It's an excellent UWA zoom by all means.


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