Newbie question. NEX-5 or NEX-5n?

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Re: Newbie question. NEX-5 or NEX-5n?

wll wrote:

Elyharbour wrote:

I'd like to ask the poster who said the NEX5 and 5N were 'two completely different cameras' to explain exactly what they mean. Yes, the 5 has no touch-screen, or EVF option, but with the firmware 4.0 update I consider the functionality of the 5 and 5N to be same for most practical purposes. At the right price the 5 is a great introduction to NEX systems. I may jump to a NEX 7 or 6 (maybe) they are different cameras...but to imply the 5 is not worth bothering with is just plain wrong to my mind.

On this page dpreview goes into the differences. The 5 and 5n look very much the same but Sony made some major upgrades IMHO with this camera. I might add, the Sony 16mp sensor used in the NEX 5n is just incredible. Its high ISO ability is very well know and is used on the Nikon D7000 and the Pentax K-5. An updated version is also used (from what I've read) on the new Pentax K-5II and K-5IIs.


Well, I'm sure the NEX5 is a "better" camera - it should be! But they are not "completely different". Same body / same lens / same basic functionality + a few extra bells and whistles that may or may not be important to a user. Just make sure it has the latest firmware (released after the 5N was introduced and some of the reviews were written). For most people it will likely take just as good pictures, and has most of the operational functionality of the 5N if you can live without a touchscreen, including customisation of the buttons. I rarely go to the menu either. It might not have the latest sensor, but the low light performance of the NEX5 is also incredible!

Anyway, the point is that the OP is being offered a NEX5....NOT a 5N! He wants to know if this is a reasonable way into the world of NEX photography...I believe it is. Hopefully the discussion helps his decision.

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