Bummed, but returning D600

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sorry couldn't resist ...

Nippondenso wrote:

u007 wrote:

Gotta love America where you an return a dslr for having dust on the sensor. LOL

No wonder so many of you guys get suckered with used cameras and all the paranoid threads about whether the camera you got has been used before.

It's a dSLR - it's always going to get dust and oil on the sensor. Just learn to clean it - get eclipse cleaning fluid and sensor swabs (type 3) from amazon, then clean it. Are you going to return every single camera when it gets dusty?

This is just another example of why America has to pay more for our products, to pacify the clueless when they think they have an earth-shattering problem.  No wonder we have cornered the market on stupidity, we have the highest rate of clueless individuals per capita than any other county in the world.

Your posts make me believe that there was indeed only one (1) defective D800. But this model went through so many hands that it appeared to us that there are thousands of defective copies.

big lol

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