G3 goes to Lapland (with a V1)

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Use iDynamic!

Beautiful set, thanks for sharing!

Regarding the limited DR on G3, here's an important tip, especially when not bracketing: Use iDynamic. Many people probably think it's just an in-camera JPEG thing, but it's not. It affects RAW shooting as well.

It is basically automatic negative exposure compensation that kicks in when the camera encounters a high-contrast scene.

When set to High, the compensation is quite aggressive, and I found many of my shots underexposed a bit too much. But nonetheless  the highlights were protected. Currently I set iDynamic to Low or Normal and it is very effective, giving me a little more peace of mind regarding highlight clipping. I also find the shadow noise (when pushed in LR4) not too bad, with a natural pleasant texture, and easily reduced in LR.

The nice thing is that iDynamic is adaptive, and doesn't underexpose lower-contrast shots unnecessarily.

P.S. The 9-18 is great, especially considering the tiny size. It gives me a lot of love too!



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