way for a single pocket wizard to trigger multiple speedlights?

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for TangoMan

That's an excellent reply, many thanks!


TangoMan wrote:

do you have any idea if there will be enough voltage coming from the pocket wizard to trigger three flashes in parallel? (and is there any danger to any of the equipment if there is not?).

Hi, my answer comes a little late, but maybe it will help someone else

You can trigger more than one flash with the PocketWizard. There is no voltage originating from the PW, the PW is only a switch. When you short the wires of the sync cable, (with a screw driver for instance) it triggers the flash. The PW does the same thing : it shorts the circuit coming from the flash. So if you connect your three flashes in parallel it will work flawlessly if two things are respected.

1. The polarity of the connections. The "ground" wires (or outer wire) from each flash must be connected with the "ground/outer" wires of the other flashes. The "inner" wires also go together. If you mess something here, you will either damage the flashes or they just won't work until the wiring is corrected.

2. The flashes must have a very similar trigger voltage (if they are the same model, this is the best!).  There is a voltage present at the hotshoe and its value vary greatly between models and brands, so mixing and matching different models of flashes is asking for trouble. (by being connected in parallel, if there is a voltage difference between the two flashes, the higher voltage will be applied to the flash having a lower voltage, causing battery drain in the first, possibly damaging the second, and impairing the functionning of both. Verify the voltage with a voltmeter if the flashes are not the same model or are more than 10 years old)

The PC connection is the worst connection you can use : it is very unreliable. So I suggest you buy three of these and use Y cables or adapters to connect them all to the same PW. You could also buy three female 1/8" (3.5mm) plug and solder the desired lenght of wire from each of them to the same male plug, which will be connected to the PocketWizard.

Or something similar with a tripod socket.

I hope this helps

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