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Re: Autumn in Greenwich

Jmcvw wrote:

Great pictures! I've been in London about 7 times now and I always spend one afternoon in Greenwich Park (preferably with a scone or bun from that Paul Rhodes bakery :P).

Rhodes is a great little bakery eh? They are the only place around that come close to regularly making a good dry cappuccino!

My favourite shots are below

Excellent description on this one! Good use of "blown highlights".

- Cheers, I was really glad that there was just enough blue retained!


Did you find them like this? Or did compose the shot yourself? Either way, great colour!

There were loads of these leaves that had fallen close to each other, but I did throw a few together for this shot.

Tricolour Leaves

You should sell this. Makes for a great postcard Good border choice aswell!

Thanks. I just had to stop on my way to college for this one - the tree just seemed too conspicuous with the moon pointing it out to me!

Autumn Moon

Lovely, very well spotted. I can almost feel the wood chips beneath my feet. Good use of rule of thirds too!

This was in a flower bed on a street just next to the park

Fallen Berries

Nice. Just nice. Any PP?

It came out pretty much like this, but I did fiddle a tiny bit with the contrast & local contrast, WB and sharpened it up a bit for that extra punchyness.

Young Pine Cones

Exif shows focal lengths as 45mm, 14mm and 20mm mainly. Is it safe to assume that you're using the Oly 45mm f/1.8, the Pana 14mm f/2.5 and the Pana 20mm f/1.7?

If yes: god you remind me why I want those lenses! Mainly the 20 and 45, but alas, money

You are dead on - these lenses are the only ones I own for my m4/3 cameras. I'd love to get any UWA zoom & the new 75mm, but I can't afford either of those options right now either! I have to say that the 20 & 45 are both truly excellent. I love the 45's shots, but the 20 is a really practical lens

Thanks for taking the time to comment!


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