Canon Pro1 IQ vs G15 IQ

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Re: Canon Pro1 IQ vs G15 IQ

tron555 wrote:

If the G15 had a 2/3-3/4” high speed CMOS sensor, 28-200mm, F1.8 – F2.8 lens, I would consider it a Pro 2, “IF” all professional reviews showed the IQ to be far superior. I simply do not think that the 1/1.7” sensors are large enough for today's high end fixed lens camera’s anymore. Making the lens faster is a great start, but matching it with a larger/better sensor at the same time would make the camera much better. I wander if Canon will ever come out with something between the 10 year OLD 1/1.7” size sensor and the new 1.5” sensor the GX1 has? It seems like there is a very big gap Canon is not addressing in sensor size, IMHO.

agree, maybe something for the G1X successor the G2X !!! better lens, better AF, larger battery live and so on....

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