Very dissapointed with the Autofocus system of my new Canon 5D MKIII

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Re: All the Nikon cameras are extremely skilled at focusing well at night ...

Guys, I don´t know... Honestly, I have not compared 5DmkIII AF side by side with D700/D800/D4/D600 but I personally know some trustworthy people who did and all concluded that 5DmkIII AF is excellent, definitely on par with D800 AF at least, if not better (most actually agreed it was even better). I.e. I´m talking about speed, accuracy and focus tracking capabilitites here. And I´m saying this as a Nikon shooter: while I have had some doubts about 5D mkII AF abilities, I definitely do not have them with 5DmkIII/1Dx AF module.

I suggest to check profoundly the thing behind the camera ;-)... No, seriously, I suspect it is more in the inappropripate AF settings or shooting style than anything else. Also, despite all the AF progress, it is not foolproof nor human-like intelligent yet - no AF is able to read the photographer´s mind yet in all shooting scenarios. Sometimes I get a feeling some people (almost) expect this

It is simply hard for me to believe this post at all.

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