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awaldram wrote:

And last but not least "DNG is an open standard" not it isn't its maintained and controlled exclusively by Adobe its a propriety standard wikipedia is not correct.

to quote form openraw

DNG is not an open standard in that it does not document all the essential information contained in current RAW format files like NEF and CR2 (which also don't document this information).
In many ways, DNG can be viewed as simply yet another RAW format with undocumented information - except that DNG has the added risk that information can be lost during conversion to/from DNG and other RAW formats.
From a software developer point of view, DNG is a step backwards. From a camera manufacture's perspective, DNG does not address the missing elements in EXIF.
From a photographers perspective, DNG is dangerous because people believe they are storing for the future with the format, when nothing could be further from the truth.


DNG is an open format (and "sort of"a de-facto standard) that has been submitted to ISO to become a de-jure standard. (It will become a variant of the revised ISO 12234-2, TIFF-EP).

OpenRAW died (by 2009, but in reality a year earlier) because they got it wrong about what was needed for archival purposes and wrong about DNG. (The leaders simply didn't understand either topic properly). DNG has been submitted to ISO because Adobe got it right about what is needed for archival purposes. See the Wikipedia page for OpenRAW.

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