Information on my Epson 3880 ink consumption; couple questions

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Re: RedRiver sheet vs roll
A more important followup challenge is to dissipate the fears harbored by many regarding 3rd party inks. I encounter these fears in the many camera clubs I frequent, I cannot blame them, there is an ocean of deadly 'stuff' out there.

I imagine there is a lot of "FUD" from manufacturers with a financial interest in selling ink, but also, plenty of concern about novices damaging their printers (or just making a huge mess.)

I still have an HP Color LaserJet that I really like, but haven't been able to print anything on for years, because my brother did me a "favor" and saved me some money by refilling the toner carts with aftermarket toner.  He did this once without any trouble, but the second time, the printer got polluted with K and C toner.  Pages come out covered in spots and streaks of black and blue where there should be little or no material.  He tried to have it professionally serviced, and the shop he took it to just sold him a new printer, saying it was not worth the labor to clean it.  I don't own a toner vacuum so .. until I get one, I have this nice LaserJet with huge paper bays, max RAM, Ethernet, and PostScript, and can't print on it.   I keep thinking I will find time to clean it myself some day so I haven't thrown it out yet.

Plus a novice like me does not know how to color-match his monitor, inks, paper, etc.  Hopefully a friend will help me do this soon.

I did find out why my Epson Status Monitor won't work.  I need some SNMP component for Windows installed and enabled on my LAN adapter, but haven't managed to locate my Windows install disc yet.  I was able to find the ink levels by SNMP using my Linux PC.  Haven't figured out how to retrieve the job log yet though.

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