OM-D just downloaded firmware 1.5 but I have no idea whats in it

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Re: Not much...

amalric wrote:

Absolutic wrote:

dcassat wrote:

Uh, wow, that seems like a non-starter. The reference to the OM lens focal length is something but for those of us waiting for something awesome, just disappointment.

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See above, just the absence of humming noise which is practically gone, in that firmware was worth it for me.

Well if so it means that stab kicks in only at focussing, which is GREAT. It might also save a lot on the batteries.


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Yep - IBIS kicks in on half-press now. The camera is silent, otherwise. I guess if you turn off 'IBIS at half-press', the IBIS will only engage at full-press, but I prefer to leave it on at half-press, anyway.

I'm also hoping this will improve battery lifetime. Seems like it would have to - whatever was running all the time before, to make that noise, is now only running when it's needed. It'll be interesting to hear battery-life reports after more people have installed the update.

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