Thom Hogan's complete guide to the D800/E

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Re: Thom Hogan's complete guide to the D800/E

u007 wrote:

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

I bought this book and I just wanted to say how good it is. It is super comprehensive and I am conquering aspects of the camera I did not fully understand how to use.

Its great when he evaluates the various functions but then gives a professional recommendation on which one is best.

For the first time I got the AF working properly on video! I have taken a few videos and the autofocus was a real issue and a lot of my videos were out of focus as a result!

Great value and unless you are very well seasoned with Nikon cameras its a great accessory and leaves the supplied manual for dead.


Specifically, what have you learned about the camera that you didn't already know and couldn't have learned from the internet or the instruction manual?

I just don't get the point in paying for a book about a camera when you have a chunky instruction manual, the internet AND help functions built into the camera itself (the ? button which you can press on almost any menu option)

Agree.  I bought it because OP mentioned AF in video.  I thought he had some trick.  But I'm totally disapointed.  The pdf has 851 pages, but noting new.  And, is the concise well-organized and well-indexed printed manual prepared by the reputable manufacturer more readable or this thick pdf?   I must say he's a very good business man.  He didn't post his table of contents, otherwise I guess a lot of people won't buy it.

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