Rx100: MIJ vs. MIC quality (no politics please!)

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Re: Rx100: MIJ vs. MIC quality (no politics please!)

Suzi Morris wrote:

I am actually interested in whether people believe that the MIJ versions are better as I intend to buy asap and during the past week I have seen both in shops.

Also, has anyone purchased from Amazon uk recently and can they confirm what version they received.

I phoned my local Sony Centre who has a MIJ unit in stock but they are very expensive compared to elsewhere.  The assistant seemed adamant that all RX100s would be MIJ as his was but John Lewis's are all clearly marked MIC.

Its strange all this, another thing to worry about when you buy a new camera.  Where a camera is made is not something I have ever considered before.


And I do not see why you need to considerate it now. The camera is excellent. You will suffer from some type of "Label envy" I suppose if yours is the MIC. Mine is MIC and I have no complaints. The people complaining about MIC units are those that have no idea how either MIC or MIJ will hold up over the long run. I see this "made in" argument on many photo forums. But quite frankly nobody has show me any real evidence that one is better than another. If you perceive MIJ to be better, then nobody can argue that. As I have mentioned before, my Toyota Camry is made (assembled) in the US. I do not consider it inferior to any car assembled in Japan.

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