Lens advice for a Nikon newcomer

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Re: Lens advice for a Nikon newcomer
I thought that Sigma 70-300 APO was an ok lens for the price, so I think the Tamron 70-300 VC would be better in any aspect and will fullfill my long tele needs.I always felt that the Tamron 90mm was a bit on the short side for real macro work, hence I'm aiming for a longest macro, the Sigma 150, which is the longest 2.8 afordable macro that I've found.

I can't address all the lenses you list, but:

Ignore the third-party lenses and just get the Nikon 70-300VR - out of all the 70-300s, it's head and shoulders the best, without being too much more expensive (probably about £100 here)

I would say that you will find the 150mm macro to be of similar FoV as the (135mm equivalent) 90mm Tamron (though you will still have the greater working distance of the longer macro in terms of where you find 1:1, a frame-filling shot would be at similar distance) - consider the 180mm Sigma?

For bokeh, go for the Nikon 85/1.8G - it's a lovely, lovely lens, much better than pretty much any 50mm I've heard of! 50 on FX is also too short for most portrait work.

BUY A FLASH! Get an SB-700 - you get the amazing CLS system, with commander mode from the D600, so you can use it off camera with no additional kit - i.e. it in itself is much more versatile than other manufacturer's systems, and hence more useful. Only if your existing flash is still unopened in its box would I suggest not getting one.

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