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Re: Hello Guy...

Ok, I get it. I too shoot jpg B&W + RAW so that the lcd screen displays a b&w image. Sometimes the JPG result suits me just fine.

I wasn't kidding on the lens. I am going to start using the OMD as my travel camera. I have the very small panny 20 1.7 but I often struggle with the lens (even though I see numerous great shots taken with it) as I am either too close or too far away.



Edward48 wrote:

A Guy Platt wrote:

I like these very much indeed. Almost enough for me to go buy the Summilux 25mm lens

Thanks Guy.... Two very true cliches: 'You only live once' and 'You can't take it with you'.

One question: Why do you say "but only JPEG of course"?

Are these all in-camera jpeg processind?

I didn't want to covert from colour, I wanted to see and shoot mono. So set the camera to mono jpeg. Like other cameras it can't do black and white RAW like the Monochrome M can. PP was done with SFX2.

All best wishes

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