FZ200 - SOOC RAW vs JPEG comparison... very close!

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Re: FZ200 - SOOC RAW vs JPEG comparison... very close!

sherman_levine wrote:

VincentR wrote:

I'm a bit puzzled here. Are you guys looking at full-size images somewhere? What I see are approximately 7"x10" images on my HD monitor, and a slightly larger maximum size on Rudy's gallery page.

At A4 size one could compare a $500 P&S with a $20,000 MFDB and maybe not notice much difference.

As I understand, the main advantage in shooting RAW comes into play when the camera's jpeg settings are not ideal for a particular shot. If the in-camera processing results in blown highlights, for example, then you are stuffed if you haven't got a RAW image to work on.

Once the highlights are blown, they're blown and no detail can be recovered. However, with a RAW image there's always a certain degree of latitude for recovering highlight detail with a good RAW converter, using the exposure control or highlight recovery sliders, whatever.

If you click on the image, it will expand and contract.

If you click on the "gallery" link, and then on "large" (or if the poster has enabled it, "original") you'll see a much larger image.

Not disagreeing about the advantages of RAW images in certain situations


Ah! I forgot to click on the 'large' image in the gallery after opening it. It expands to about 12"x17" on my monitor. The original doesn't appear to be available.

Nevertheless, 12"x17" at my monitor's resolution, representing a file size of 4.89MB, is not sufficient to appreciate the subtle resolution differences between RAW and JPEG.

Any differences that may exist would likely be apparent only when viewing the full size original at 100% on the monitor, and then only after optimal sharpening and processing of the RAW file.

The advantages of using the RAW file is that one can convert the RAW information directly into a 16 bit TIF format which is more robust than an 8 bit JPEG for extensive post processing; plus, as I mentioned before, there is less likelihood with a RAW file of losing image information due to in-camera processing which may blow out highlights or block up shadows.

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