Will the SLT mirror detiriorate over time? This picture is bothersome!

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Re: hardly a hijacking

Replacement of the mirror is quite cheap (I remember someone buying a spare one and testing the optical properties. The mirror was less than 60€ shipping included) and I would expect a lot of other things to stop working before the mirror will start to have a serious impact on image quality.

Planned obsolescence is not always used to shorten the total lifetime of a product but to save money by using critical parts that will fail anyway as a standard and to optimize other factors.

It might be a good thing that a corvette outlives a lot of other cars but a lot of those cars produce 1/4 of CO2 and do four or five times the miles per gallon (My car did 150.000 Miles with 52+ mpg and <120g CO2 so far without having a single engine problem. So if you kill some horse power both is possible). In 1950 those things didn't matter but in modern cars those things are quite important. Maybe not in the US but in the rest of the world one of the first question at the car dealer is "How many miles per gallon?".

But nonetheless most corvette generations are nice pieces of engineering.

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