C 7D memory card and update FW problem

Started Oct 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
PhilM oz Senior Member • Posts: 1,290
Re: C 7D memory card and update FW problem

I suspect the file is not getting copied correctly to the card so when the camera reads it the checksum fails.

This could be a bad or fake CF card, or a bad card reader.

After copying the file, eject the card from the PC then re-insert it into the card reader. Use the FC program in Windows to compare the file on the card with the file you copied from the hard disk (use the /b option since it's a binary file). If the compare fails then you either have a bad/fake card or a bad card reader.

If you have installed the EOS Utility program you can use that to transfer the firmware update to the camera instead of using the card reader.


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