Q about usability of a Metz 40 MZ-3i

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Re: thanks for your hint

pnoij wrote:

I have contacted the firm that iports Metz about upgrading. Waiting for an answer now.

They also had a compatability chart on their site. I did not find that at metz.de. My flash is too old to be mentioned, so I hope the flash from the analogue era still works.

Thanks, Peter

Metz is aware of the fact that 40MZ-3 and 32MZ-3 are able to TTL with some newer Sony cameras. But they won't tell you. There are a few bugs when using this combination and they do not want to give you any guarantee (wireless is not working properly). That would mean they need to implement this feature in future firmwares.

So don't expect them to confirm this information. But in their compatibility tables the combination is mentioned as working with some problems:


When using firmware M9 some aperture settings get mixed up or misinterpreted by the flash (5.6 camera -> f22 flash, 5.6 camera -> 13 flash, ...).

I'm not sure if the rules allow me to post links to other communities but if you're interested I could provide you with some german links via pm.

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