Bummed, but returning D600

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Re: Bummed, but returning D600

Dust is best sorted as a DYI.

I have cleaned my D800 once (and my other dSLR hundreds of times), and before I got it I did my homework.

2 packets of Visible Dust 1.0x VSwabs (the best there is)


1 bottle of Dust Aid cleaning fluid. (the fluid in this kit)


Visible dust fluid takes too long to dry IMO - that's why I prefer the Dust Aid one.

1. Put your camera in cleaning mode (mirror up for cleaning)

2. Seat camera on a desk or table with the lens on facing down (on the hood)

3. Apply two or three drops on the wand

4. Release the lens, and twist it so camera stays aligned relative to you

5. Gently lift off the camera and hold it at a 90 degrees angle so you can peer into the sensor

6. Wipe twice, once from each direction

7. Gently seat the camera on to the lens mount ant twist it back on.

8. Check, and if needed, rinse - repeat

P.S. I have no problems reusing the swabs, but use discretion as it might lead to a damaged sensor-filter if there's any residue hard enough to scratch it left on the swab.

P. P. S. I always switch lenses with the camera facing down, and never remove the lens unless I really need too. Makes my sensor much less prone to gathering dust.

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