Information on my Epson 3880 ink consumption; couple questions

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Re: RedRiver sheet vs roll

Brian, many thanks for listing the major RR papers and cost savings. I use BC canvas & paper media , the trial rolls of canvas from BC jump started my efforts. I also use the RR Satin & Luster paper media. Both of these houses make a product that more than meets my needs.

My early postings touting the cost savings of roll versus sheet media were met with various size of flames. 'my numbers were way off', 'never saw those generous saving levels', 'not worth the time and effort'. Many commented that I was exaggerating the savings upwards......... And now your followup data shows my numbers to be conservative!! I was only touting the savings from the few media I used and giving estimates from mental calcs. I reviewed several your RR data and they are fine-I'm glad they are more generous than my posted memories. I ran some calcs for BC media, their generosity is somewhat less, 15-20 % for their popular media, Lyve, Vibrant Luster and Elegant Velvet.

Hopefully, our info will encourage others to take advantage of roll media, its convenience to permit any print size to be considered should not be overlooked. They now know what rotary media cutters to purchase, even for scrapbooks!

A more important followup challenge is to dissipate the fears harbored by many regarding 3rd party inks. I encounter these fears in the many camera clubs I frequent, I cannot blame them, there is an ocean of deadly 'stuff' out there. I exercised a good quantity of due diligence with many 'printer guys' posting our finds, I have posted listings of the few reliable vendors (our opinion) that we filtered out on this site and the Inkjet forum. With OEM ink costing ~2x the price if human blood......etc etc something had to be done to aid the hobbyist. It is most rewarding to receive an email from other hobbyists around this planet thanking you for the aid given, directly or indirectly, enabling them and their family to affordably continue using their printers.

TBC   irv weiner

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