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Re: Thanks Roel & BillyInya plus the state of the forum

Thanks to Roel & BillyInya for creating the article and posting the link to it here.

This forum used to be a great place to openly discuss gear and photos without the troll & fanboy flame wars. We could discuss, agree or disagree and with very few exceptions there was little or no malice.

It's sad to see what has happened to the forum over the last few years with the introduction of the X-series and the corresponding drop in calibre of forum contributions.

By contrast it is good to see threads like this started with quality discussions, links & photos.

Of course people are entitled to genuinely question data, sources, techniques or other apparent misgivings they have but it doesn't need to be arrogant or with vitriol. I do understand the frustration when clueless idiots don't read the information properly nor appear to comprehend what seems obvious to the rest of us. Wouldn't it be great if we could discuss these things and straighten out the misunderstandings without the hurt and harm.

So it is good to know there are still quality contributors. I really appreciate when quality information is posted and discussed. I hope we can all rise above the idiots and perhaps this forum might return to a more sane place to be. Perhaps the 'thumbs' up or down will persuade people that their comments are appreciated (or not) and will help moderate the behaviour and tone. We can but hope.

Please don't go away. Keep posting the good stuff.

Norman Young

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