I am very interested by the SX50 HS BUT THIS REVIEW STOP ME !

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Re: I am very interested by the SX50 HS BUT THIS REVIEW STOP ME !

Dale Buhanan wrote:

I see it differently Peter.  Remember that this is a very small sensor camera, so high ISO and long exposure times produce horrendous noise.  I think that the noise is so high under these conditions that Canon mapped the region of operation out rather than have people try to use it and be very dissappointed, because the noise becomes greater than even very aggressive NR can cope with and still produce a decent picture.

Come on, you can't be serious?

We are not talking about "high ISO" here, because you can't even use ISO 200 & 400.  So where does this "horrendous noise" come from?

Just a quick search on flickr and found this for SX30 (the last camera which allows long exposure + ISO settings):


And where is that "horrendous noise" that you are talking about?

So yes, as you said, SX50 does well in many areas.

But there is absolutely no technical reason and no plausible excuse for Canon to restrict ISO to 80 only beyond 1 second exposure - absolutely NONE!

You can't even choose ISO 100, for goodness sake!

I have other cameras for high ISO and long exposure times so not having it in the SX50 worries me not at all.

I can see how it may not affect you.

But Canon's inexplicable decision shouldn't be defended just because you don't need it.

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