Nikkor 14-24 vs. Nikkor 24 PC-E for cityscapes/landscapes. Which one?

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Re: Nikkor 14-24 vs. Nikkor 24 PC-E

I have both lenses and shoot lots of buildings and architecture.

If you are only going to get one or the other then the 14-24 is far more versatile.

The quality is outstanding and it's easy to focus and shoot handheld.

The PC-E 24 is much less versatile, better used with a tripod and requires a more methodical approach to level,  shift and focus but is a great problem solver that gets the exact view of a highrise building to fill the frame rather than having to crop the portion you want out of a shot with a wider lens held vertical.

You can shoot the PC-E 24 handheld but it's much easier to get everthing aligned and properly focused when it's on a tripod. The image quality is also excellent unless it's fully shifted in either direction which can lead to less than stellar sharpness in the corners.

Would be nice if Nikon came out with a PC-E 17

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