Epson 3880 Pizza Wheels 2012: Any Breakthroughs?

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Re: Epson 3880 Pizza Wheels 2012: Any Breakthroughs?

Have you made prints with dark, solid areas?  Have you viewed them horizontally with light coming from an acute angle?  For a period I thought I didn't have this either.

That said you make a good point - spring tension variance could be a culprit.  This is why I'd love to find where I could buy spare parts to test.  The housings are fairly easy to remove, but they can't be simply left out as the end of the feed gets completely borked without something to hold down the paper.  I even tried attaching a dummy end to the page to hold it longer from behind the print head and didn't work.

JerryG1 wrote:

I've been lucky. I bought my 3880 new in February 2012 and have yet to see any wheel marks. To me this means that it is possible for the standard issue wheels to enable the printer to work as it should. My guess is some manufacturing tolerances are too large to ensure good performance from every machine off the line, but when the stars align (pun intended), all goes well.

I wonder how tightly controlled the wheel spring-tension is from unit to unit?

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