Any news from Epson at Photokina?

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Re: Same here: Any news from Epson at Photokina?

I love my 3880.  Three things would sway me to consider an upgrade to a future generation, in order of priority...

  • Revised transport/feed that addresses the known issue of spur/wheel marks on darker prints.  Still feel it's not a great design to pass a freshly printed image under dozens of pin sharp wheels.
  • Roll paper support.  Would be nice to have the option for panos or bulk printing.  That said I recognize the design parameters at work here.
  • HDR inkset.  I love the idea of the wider gamut.  But I recognize that the difference is not huge and really image dependent.

The 4900 intrigues me but I just don't run that kind of volume and can't justify the massive real-estate needed.  The 3880 is perfect for me aside from the frustration of those spur marks.

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