Official: Sony + Oly alliance

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Re: You quoted only the facts you like

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

Second-Most Selling Oly camera is E-M5 for $1299 ( with lens ??? ) and third is E-M5 for $999 (Body only).

Exactly illustrates the point I made to MasterBG, “Well, it is of critical importance to Oly. Don't think that Oly camera division can last another year with Panys sensors. Even the Sony 1' sensors have caught up.”

So, Sony sensors will save Oly for the near future. OMD has a Sony sensor.

That said, NEX (5N+7) still has a higher weighted average selling price and margins. Next, the EPL5 needs to sell well against the NEX5R and 6!

Sony claims that in 2011, NEX had 40% of global CSC. And, Sony momentum is speeding up.

That's a strong argument against your suggestion that Sony adopts Oly flash format. Sony NEX+SLT has 3x the market size of Oly's PEN. Will Sony change its flash format?

No, it likely means that Oly will grant licenses for its patents. Sony then uses Oly technology to improve their own products.

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