How many would be happy with the 6D, only if it had the Exmor sensor

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Re: How many would be happy with the 6D, only if it had the Exmor sensor

x-vision wrote:

David Hull wrote:

In that case they have “tweaked” the heck out of the 4 cyl engine and the performance is nothing short of amazing. 

Here it is, David.
Canon has posted a screenshot of the 6D AF sensor on Canon CPN Europe:

Despite the low-res image, you should be able to see that the 6D AF sensor is basically the same as the 5DII AF sensor:

The pairs of black bars seen on the sensor are the pairs of pixel arrays for each AF point.

As you can see, Canon has altered the physical locations of AF points for some reason.
However, their configuration remains exactly the same.

The only difference between the two AF sensors is that the center AF point on the 6D now has three thick black bars (pixel arrays) vs a single thick + two thin ones on the 5DII.

So, the 6D AF sensor is obviously a tweaked version of the 5DII AF sensor - but fundamentally it remains the same.

Of course with (practically) the same AF sensors, it's only natural to expect that AF performance on the 6D will be (practically) the same as on the 5DII.

I think that one is rotated 180 degrees from the other but regardless, they are definitely different.  The structures on the silicon look different, the lead frame is different and there are more bond wires on the new one.  It would appear to me to be a new design or ag least a revision of the old one.  I do agree though that it looks the detector arrays are pretty much in the same places so I am probably wrong on the spread having changed.  Thanks for digging this up.

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