P7700 - User report #2

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Re: P7700 - User report #2

Thanks for this report; I found it very informative.

I wrote my own very brief initial impressions of the P7700 here www.davidhume.net/p7700/

I guess I go for a very minimal (efficient? lazy?) workflow with the D700; shoot raw at 800 ISO or below, (if possible) open View NX2, export jpegs, send to client.

Would you say there's a similar way to get decent results out of the P7700? I did not really like what NX2 was doing with the Raw files, and I did not like that they were 25MB when I was used to  10MB from D700.

I'd love to be able to shoot food shots at  ISO 1600 and get something close to what I get from the D700, but have not seen it yet; it seems there's more of a learning curve with this camera than I was hoping.

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