Help Understand/Evaluate Fuji X-Pro 1 IQ and "Look" of Sample Pics

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Re: Help Understand/Evaluate Fuji X-Pro 1 IQ and "Look" of Sample Pics

Scott McL wrote:

I am trying to evaluate specific qualities of Fuji X-system output. This message has four parts. First, caveats. Second, characterization of Fuji X-Pro 1 samples I've found so far. Third, characterization of criteria-illustrative sample images I'm looking for. Fourth, pure speculation on why I might be having problems finding suitable sample images.

Caveats.Look, this is a sincere request as a prospective buyer. This is not a troll. I have very high hopes for the performance of a Fuji system in my grubby hands While this is an inquiry about thespecific, if subjective, measures of X-system output, this is not invitation to some pointless debate about camera systems, etc. If one wishes to make a sincere and studious (meaning ample experience and intimate, studied acquaintance with multiple camera systems regarding the specific photographic criteria with which I am concerned) comment regarding the relative strengths/weakness of Fuji's to other comparable systems (mass market, small format digital), that can certainly be appropriate.

I hope and believe that any new found sample images that aid in measured and reasoned evaluation of X-system output, if only according to specific photographic criteria I list below, will be genuinely useful to current and prospective X-system users. I hope responders will comment in a helpful and mature fashion.

Found Sample Image Output. I have been looking at pictures here, on Flickr, a few random blogs and Fuji's own web sites. Here are the problems I have so far.

  • Most samples seem designed to exhibit 1) low light shooting prowess either at high ISOs and/or low shutter speeds or 2) to exhibit wide open lens performance and/or bokeh with attendant narrow DOF. Note: I am an amateur! This is not criticism of amateur photographers!
  • Most samples appear to be either amateur and/or quickly executed efforts without careful pre-shot composition to exhibit other specific criteria (see below) or post-shot  processing to wring every last bit of performance out of the Fuji X-system regarding the final output image.
  • Some samples do reveal wonderful detail at 100% (Fuji's own "sheep in the barn" samples for the X-E1 introduction), but when viewed at normal screen size and viewing distance don't look particularly sharp. These samples are a little closer to what I seek, but still fall far short. Using terminology familiar to film shooters (and many digital shooters), even these better sample pictures still seem to lack "high acutance."

Samples I Seek. While these samples are certainly useful for certain purposes, they are not samples exhibiting the photographic output performance suitable for evaluating specific photographic output criteria in which I have great interest.

Instead, what I seek are samples designed to exhibit the highest photographic rendition possible from the X-P1/X-E1 body and Fuji lenses. Here are basic, common photographic output criteria I seek to evaluate. These criteria are neither comprehensive nor precisely defined. I rely on the acumen of the reader to understand and visualize the meaning of these criteria.

  • Micro contrast and rendition of fine detail at "normal viewing size and distance" (these concepts may not be identical but often seem to overlap)
  • Acutance (macro-contrast or "sharpness" - again, concepts that often seem to overlap)
  • Fine gradations of highlight tones and visible detail in highlight tones (ideally in a fully high-key photograph in addition to a wide DR photograph)
  • Fine gradations of shadow tones (ideally in a fully low-key photograph, in addition to contrasty and wide DR photographs)
  • Low noise/visible fine detail in shadow tones (again, low key + contrasty + wide DR examples)
  • Color rendition (primaries, pastels, skin tones, fine gradations, high color contrast, etc.)

In comparison to most of the sample image output I've found so far, these latter "highest performance possible" types of samples would typically feature:

  • ​Base ISO
  • "Optimal" lens apertures stopped down but above the diffraction threshold
  • High shutter speeds or camera stabilization (tripod)
  • Subjects exhibiting some combination of fine detail, interesting lighting  (contrast, low key images, high key images), or challenging color combinations for later evaluation in the resulting photographs
  • These types of subjects at different focus distances: close, medium, far
  • Some reasonable expertise and effort in post-processing toward optimal rendition of the final image. As these are still intended as sample output, we might see tweaks of overall white balance, curve adjustment, color adjustment, noise reduction and sharpening, but not dodging/burning, or other processing of selected and masked off portions of the image.

Conjecture on Samples. Finally, I understand finding such samples may be difficult for several reasons. But accordingly, I am hoping that the lack of samples illustrating the above listed photographic criteria is not in any way inherent in the X-system itself.

  • Fuji X-system is a very new camera system and there are relatively few shooters and thus sample images
  • Early adopters of the X-system may not be geared toward studio shooting (portrait, fashion, product, still life), shooting for large print sizes (landscape, fine art, etc.), outdoor professional fashion or portrait photography, etc. - areas where I imagine such samples I seek can be more easily found in greater abundance.

I appreciate any assistance locating sample images, producing new sample images by X-Pro 1 shooters interesting in these specific criteria and ​general evaluation of the Fuji X-system according to the above listed photographic output criteria​.

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"Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photographed." - Garry Winogrand

lol....sometimes, too much education actually destroys the personality of a human, seriously, i doubt there is any camera that would suit you after reading your educated rant.

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