Time to ditch the DSLR?

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Re: Here's a question..

abolit wrote:

it's not that simple. not only weight is to be considered.   Leica M lenses are much better than any SLR auto focus lenses, including Canon 50 1.2, NIkon 85 1.4 G , etc. The only alternative is Zeiss manual focus lenses. They are not cheap though and they're behind leica M lenses.

I don't for a minute doubt the excellent of Leica lenses, but I think you have to nuance it a bit more.  Depending on focal length some other lenses may be just as good as Leica's, but maybe have a different look.  And beyond that individual lenses can vary.  I think it would hard to beat the two Zeiss's I have.  This is on the NEX 7, not the Leica M, but I tried a 28 Zeiss Distagon and a 28 Zeiss Biogon, and with these specific lens the Distagon far outperformed it, and it wasn't the question of magenta corners.  Have tried six 35mm lenses, 1 Zeiss, four Canons and a Voigtlander.  Two of the Canons outperformed all others, both FD f2, one with the Thorium element and one the newer one.  The first Canon Fdn I got was vastly inferior, but the second one easily outperformed everything, including the Zeiss.  So it all depends.

Since a lot of people on the forum use older Leica lenses, I'll bet even with the incredible quality control of Leica, some will be better than others, and some people may actually prefer Zeiss.  That may be true even for the newer lens.

This raises the question of the "Leica look," something I have pondered for years.  Since getting the 7 I find the IQ, including things like DR, to be so good that I'm not sure how much improvement I would see with a Leica.  There probably would be some, and maybe a different look, but at what point do we get into the law of diminishing returns?  I might add, my experimentation has shown me the importance of matching the individual, specific lens to the camera.


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