Nikkor 105mm 2.8 VR vs Sigma 180mm 2.8

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Re: Pretty cool stuff Ed.

Thanks.  I only posted the stuff that I'm not going to use in other modes.

Funny, I don't think much about the extra 30mm until I'm in processing mode.  It's good for live insect and reptile work.  If I was shooting a 12mp body, it'd be way more noticeably good than with a 36mp body.  For static subjects, not at all noticeable.  The only thing I noted today was how much farther away I was, and how much more I had to stop down to get any DOF.

I'm struck by the sharpness of the Sigma lens. I think it's sharper and more contrasty at the 1:1 or less extremes than the Nikkor lenses.

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