Poll - X10 firmware 2.0 improvements and problems

Started Oct 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Poll - X10 firmware 2.0 improvements and problems

Ion65 wrote:

Since upgrading to the 2.0 firmware, I have noticed a few improvements in the way my camera works:

- faster autofocus generally

Aye. Really nice. I can trade this for the RAW-button any time But of course makes me wonder which button we need to sacrifice for the next upgrade. Perhaps the shutter?

-  better image quality in low light

I am not sure. Indoor in low light (warm) I have a yellowish noise which I have not seen before; and have not noticed any improvements.

- better control of the highlight and blacks

You refer to the adjustment-menus?

Also seems like DR can now be up to 1600 instead of 400% - or is it just another way of combining EXR info and tonal compression into one measure? (Was it like that in 1.0X-firmware without my attention?)

- improved colours in different colour film simmulation modes

Didn't try, I stick to Provia, but there it looks better. EVF-colours look better too?

Howevwer, the autofocus of near objects seems faulty, making focusing sometimes tricky.

Near as in 2cm? 20cm? I did not have any problems at approximately 5cm distance, without using the macro-modes.

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