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Re: Empirical Data Not a Qualitative assessment

dcassat wrote:

Alas sharpness can be measured.

Yes, but to what end? The only thing these tests are really good for is relative ranking: they can tell me that Lens B is sharper than Lens A, but they can't tell me how my pictures will look taken with either of them.

As an example, I'm trying to decide whether to upgrade from the kit zoom that came with my OM-D. It's the widely-reviled 14-42, which I chose for its size. Lens tests show that the Pany 14-45 is sharper by a decent margin, and that the Pany 12-35 is slightly sharper still.

The problem is, I don't take pictures of liquor cabinets. So, SLRGear's reviews don't really tell me how often the 14-45 will produce better-looking pictures than the 14-42 (when not pixel-peeping) or whether the 12-35 is enough better to be worth another $900. In fact, they told me nothing useful I couldn't figure out better from listening to actual owners on these forums.

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