I am very interested by the SX50 HS BUT THIS REVIEW STOP ME !

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Re: Thirded!!! But SX50 or FZ200. Help please.

There is no perfect camera and it will never be. Because when somebody develops one, to satisfy EVERYBODY and my cat, all innovation will seize and we will go back to stone age.

I trust you live in spoiled capitalism world; so instead of hitting your head with the hammer 'which camera or combo should I choose?' move your but and go to the nearest store with at least 7 days return policy and buy them. Torture them at home 24/7 and YOU make decision what works for you.

No member of this forum nor any 'photo reviewer' can make this decision for you.

Myself, still having S2 IS am looking forward to SX50. Since I bought S1 IS I took bunch of damn really nice pictures without sweating during sleepless nights 'which camera is THE best' or 'did I make right decision...'

Or you can wait until 2027, Canon might have SXXL5400 with 4000x zoom, mind reader, levitation feature and you will have just to think of and it will fly there and take a PERFECT picture only for you my friend.

Get life and start taking great pictures...

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