Best Pro Folio site - smugmug, zenfolio ? What?

Started May 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
bronxbombers4 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,387
Flickr for gamut freedom&comments,Zenfolio for pro look

Sadly Zenfolio and Smugmug ban wide gamut images in all cases. Ridiculous.

I used to like Smugmug best but Zenfolio has really done a lot of work and man I have to say it has so many features that save time vs. Smugmug and it costs less in some cases too. I'd say Zenfolio for sure at this point.

An additional Flickr account (or only one) can be nice since you can post special wide gamut format galleries there (a true crime that you can't on the other two, Smugmug is pretty well smug and self-righteous and patronizing about it too) and you can get lots of comments and interaction going compared to the other sites. It also has some features that some time compared to Smugmug, but you can't really set up any sort of professional looking webpage using it AFAIK.

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