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Mikael Risedal wrote:

trueview wrote:

Not too sure about that : comparative scores should over-magnify differences for the sake of readability. For instance, when you track an economic indicator over a period during which it moves within a -/+ 3 point range, you generally avoid pinning the data on a -/+20 point scale, since that would make the graphic representation of the changes difficult to read. But as a reader, you must be aware that the graph does exaggerate the ups and downs of what is measured.

Dxo's measurements relate to a vast array of photographic practices. For each sensor, they give us a relatively comprehensive array of graphs : we have to make the effort to understand how this data resonates with our personal, subjective practice. Which is why anyone interested in comparing two cameras in relation to their photographic work should try a do their own real world comparison, and determine how much of their experience is reflected in Dxo's comparative figures.

As far as color accuracy is concerned, in my limited test, I found the 5DIII and D800 to be very, very close, with a slight magenta bias for the canon and a slight blue/green bias for the Nikon. But the difference was really minute, actually negligible.

On the other hand, the screen on the D800 I used displayed a dramatic greenish cast, completely unrelated with the colors displayed on a calibrated screen.

RR6 wrote:

It seems to me that the major problem is the DxO scoring system which over-magnifies the differences. Differences that you would be hard-pushed to see turn into a massive points difference. If the scoring system was sensible there would just be a point or two difference between comparable cameras because the real-world image differences are negligable.

IMHO Comparison of focussing, colour accuracy (especially accurate white balance) and ergonomics are far more important than concentrating on the sensor...but DxO has not set out to rate those. Having said that, better sensors are always welcome.

do a own profile with qpcard  and from D800 and 5dmk2 Mk3 and they will be  very similar

there are different CFA in the cameras

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Probably true, but as I said in my post, the raw files were very similar as is, and a marginal amount of post processing would've likely taken care of the difference. The only significant difference was on the camera displays. I would contend, based on my limited experience, that those claiming a large difference in color rendition between the two cameras might be overplaying ther difference. This based on raw files developed in LR3 (dng conversion first).

Personally, I don't think I would feel the need to create my own profile, were I to shoot both cameras side by side regularly, unless there are other advantages in doing so, which I am not aware of. In which case I'm most willing to learn.

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